The African Forum – Tunisia 2022 will hold its third meeting in Hammamet, Tunisia, from October 20th to 23th October 2022. The historical All Africa Conference changed its name to Africa Forum after Africa becoming the 8th Constitutional area. The last All Africa Conference was held in Morocco in 2018. The ALL AFRICA Conference (AAC) was the initiative of Past International Director, Julian Musikanth of District 410 – South Africa, who served from 1987 to 1989. The objectives of the AAC was to:

  • Unite African lions with a common goal of growing membership in Africa;
  • Increase the number of service projects especially sight-related projects;
  • Enhance the visibility of Lionism in Africa; and
  • Champion the creation of a constitutional area on the African Continent.

Since then, succeeding International Directors (IDs) have continued to build on and host All Africa Conferences, namely:

  • Past International Director Ashpoll Kapoor (Kenya) (1993/1995);
  • Past International Director S.P Amin (Kenya) (2001/2003);
  • Past International Director Manoj Shah (Kenya) (2005/2007);
  • Past International Director H.O. B. Lawal (Nigeria) (2009/2011);
  • Past International Director Alexis Gomès (Congo-Brazzaville) (2015/2017); and
  • International Director Hastings Eli Chiti (Zambia) (2017/2019).

All Africa Conferences were meant to meet and deliberate. Though Africa successfully hosted ISAAME Forums in Malawi (1979), Kenya (1980), Mauritius (1981), Swaziland (1988), Zimbabwe (1990), Kenya (1992), South Africa (1994), Morocco (1996) and Kenya (1999); there have been 25 Conferences from 1989 to 2018. In the year 2018, there were 2 conferences in Togo February 2018 and Morocco in September 2018.

The 1st Africa Forum was held in Lusaka, Zambia from 25th to 28th September 2019 as the Lions of Africa were declared as 8th Constitutional Area status.

A Logo was approved and launched for the All Africa Conference in Tunis, Tunisia in February 2014. The Logo represents as follows:

  • 54 stars denoting the 54 African States surrounding the Lions logo which is the beaming light of development on the African Continent.
  • The swirling movement denoting conscientious efforts of African States in increasing membership and an improving service delivery qualifying the status of a Constitutional Area.
  • The synergy of all the activities on the flag is the emerging Constitutional Area of Africa represented in white.

The annual event has the following intentions:

  • Promoting the principles and objectives of the International Association of the Lions Clubs.
  • Training, educating and motivating District and Club Officers.
  • Providing for exchange of information and discussions of service activities including opportunities for cooperative service projects.
  • Advancing the interests of the Lions Clubs International on the African Continent.
  • Promoting membership growth and extension with the African continent.