Message from International First Vice President

October 20-23, 2022
Dear Lions,

I’d like to thank you for attending the Third Annual Africa Forum. This event is a great opportunity for Lions to strengthen our association and return to our communities more determined than ever to improve them through our service.

Now more than ever, Lions provide the service that no one else will or can. Our communities need us. We need to do our very best to not only continue our service programs but find ways to increase our impact. I am sure that Lions in your clubs are more committed than ever to helping those most in need.

Events like this allow Lions to renew their enthusiasm for service. I am confident that your attendance at this gathering will be of great benefit to yourself, your club, and, ultimately, your community. Enjoy your time and be sure to take complete advantage of this wonderful opportunity for strengthening your bond with fellow Lions.

I extend my very best wishes for a successful and enjoyable forum.

Yours in service,

Dr. Patti Hill
International First Vice President