Goodwill message from the 3rd Africa Forum Chairman,
Past International Director

My Fellow Lions, Leos, Distinguished Leaders and Guests

It is with profound gratitude and pleasure that I welcome you all to the 3rd Africa Forum being hosted by District 414 – Tunisia in Hamamet.

Since Covid-19 broke out in 2019, we had challenges to meet physically, resulting into a

Virtual Forum hosted by MD411, and District 411c Tanzania in September 2021. Covid -19 although a calamity, gave us time for newness in doing things and despite all the challenges, Lions and Leos triumphed in many spheres of life. Times are changing and Lions and Leos need to remain focused and move forward.

As Thomas Monson once said, “The past is behind, Learn from it. The future is ahead, Prepare for it.”

Keep others in mind when making decisions.

Create Organizational Values that emphasise “Servant Leadership” which embraces, ethical behavior, respect for others, justice, honesty and above all Service, Leadership and Growth in our clubs, District and our Great Association.

Avoid low esteem – it puts a ceiling on your potential.

Turn any challenges into gain by making good and necessary changes after learning from challenging experiences if any.

During this Forum, a number of activities have been aligned in order to meet the Lions and Leos desire to serve better under our International theme, “TOGETHER WE CAN”

The 3rd Africa Forum theme is “Together We Serve, Learn and Grow”

As a new Constitutional Area VIII, we want to be the change that will promote the force for Global Good.

Service is the way of life for Lions and Leos as we grow our membership and empower ourselves with knowledge.

We remain resolute to reaching out to many of our communities, even as we grow our numbership.

Our moto is “We Serve”

Let us make this a Reality – Together We Can

Best wishes to all.

Dr. Hastings Eli Chiti
Forum Chairman